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- CRB PowerSystem™ Quick Start Tutorial

- Retrieves data and report files from the CRB DataCenter servers.

STEP 4: Retrieving Data and Reports from CRB DataCenter

1. Launch CRB PowerLink: Use the CRB PowerLink shortcut on Desktop OR
Click Start > Programs > CRB PowerSystem > CRB PowerLink

2. Click Next to proceed to Connection Settings.
(launches Connection Settings)

3. Enter your Username (usually your email address) and Password the click OK to proceed to Package Settings (retrieves subscription information from CRB servers and displays Package Settings)

4. Select each Package on left to select date(s) to be retrieved on right.

Package pending setup for distribution
Package set up for distribution
Package excluded from distribution

  • A. Select Download data from selected date or Exclude Package from Update
  • B. Select Date

NOTE: If you have distributed data from a Startup CD or InfoTech CD then select Date on CD, otherwise, Monthly Data files are available beginning January 2004.

  • C. Click Apply Selection to complete setup for each Package.

Check Apply date to All Packages then click Apply Selection to force the date to be used for All Packages.

5. Click Next to proceed to Download Summary
(displays Download Summary dialog)

6. Verify the Packages and Dates to be retrieved or excluded.

7. Click Next to proceed OR Back for changes.
(displays Download Process while retrieving requested files from CRB servers)

NOTE: All data available on or after the specified date(s) will be downloaded.

8. Click Done to proceed to CRB PowerDist OR Uncheck Launch Distribution Wizard when done then click Done if you do not require CRB PowerDist for distribution of the downloaded files.
(launches CRB PowerDist (STEP 5) or exits)

Back to STEP 3 | Proceed to STEP 5

Click Help on the Main menu bar for additional assistance. If you have any questions,
please call +1.800.621.5271 or +1.312.554.8456 or email: info@crbtrader.com

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