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- CRB PowerSystem™ Quick Start Tutorial

PowerGen - Generate Synthetic Data series in PRO and ASCII (.CSV) formats.

STEP 6: Generating Synthetic Data Series

1. Launch CRB PowerGen: Use the CRB PowerGen shortcut on Desktop OR
Click Start > Programs > CRB PowerSystem > CRB PowerGen

DATA TYPE Futures Volatility COT Options U.S Equities Mutual Funds
Contract / Symbol X X X X X X
Nearby X X  
Continuation X X  
Most Active Nearby X  
Source data must be in PRO format (CRB PowerDist Default output format)
Extension Futures
U.S Equities
Mutual Funds

Editing an existing Conversion

    Left or Right Pane
  • Right-click Conversion (i.e. Standard Futures Conversion) and select Edit OR double-click Conversion (i.e. Standard Futures Conversion)

Creating a New Conversion

  • Left or Right Pane
    • Right-click Conversion Type (i.e. Futures) and select New Conversion...

Back to STEP 5 | Proceed to STEP 6A

Add PowerGen to PowerSystem Silent Mode

  • Right-click CRB PowerSystem - Silent Mode icon on Desktop then select Properties
  • Add "-Gen" to Target: "C:Program FilesCRBPowerSystemPowerLink.exe" -Silent -Dist -Gen"
  • Click Apply then click OK

Click Help on the Main menu bar for additional assistance. If you have any questions,
please call +1.800.621.5271 or +1.312.554.8456 or email: info@crbtrader.com

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