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The Electronic Futures Perspective are daily color PDF charts created for viewing and printing using Adode Acrobat Reader. The charts are created to offer you more choices than available with the paper magazine. The charts are updated daily by 6:30pm C.S.T. and are available in portrait or Landscape format, with or without intermediate grid lines. Additional contracts can be added by request and the service is designed to provide a more timely higher quality product.

High Resolution vs Low Resolution

High Resolution charts differ from Low Resolution in that they contain daily intermediate grid lines within the charts, however because of the additional grid lines High Resolution charts are about a third as big as equivalent Low Resolution charts, and hence will take longer to view and print.

Portrait Charts

Portrait Charts are sized 8.5" by 11" printed on a piece of paper, similar to "Futures Perspective". Daily Portrait charts contain about 9 months of trading activity and are designed to more emphasize recent price movements.

Landscape Charts

Landscape Charts are sized 11" by 8.5" printed on a piece of paper, similar to the "CTS" / "US Charts" paper publication. Daily Landscape charts contain about 12 months of trading activity and are designed to provide more history.


Each daily chart contains both technical and fundamental contract information.

  • Contract Specifications
  • Contract Technical Information
  • 9, 18 and 40 Day Moving Average
  • 9 Day Relative Strength Index
  • 9 Day Stochastic %K and %D
  • Composite Volume and Open Interest
  • Historical Open Interest
More information about the studies can be found at Futures Perspective Studies

Weekly Charts

Weekly Charts contain a Weekly nearest futures or Weekly cash open/high/low/close barchart. Portrait Weekly Charts contain 4 Years of trading activity and Landscape Weekly Charts contain 5 years of trading activity.

Monthly Charts

Monthly Charts contain a Monthly nearest futures or Monthly cash open/high/low/close barchart. Portrait Monthly Charts contain 18 Years of trading activity and Landscape Monthly Charts contain 25 years of trading activity.

Abode Acrobat Reader

To view the Chart Books you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader is a free program which can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.

Go through the simple instructions on the Adobe page and download the program according to your system. You can either save this program to your computer and run this program once downloaded or run this program automatically from the Adobe website. Once you have completed the install Adobe Acrobat Reader will automatically launch when you select "Get Chart".

Common Problems

  • When you select "Get Chart" you get a pop-up box where you have to click "OK" to view the chart?
  • Inside the pop-up box, there a feature box on the bottom left hand corner called "Always ask before opening this type of file". If you un-check this box, then the Reader will automatically open the Charts. This is a saftey precaution which is un-necessary with PDF files.

    Please contact CRB with any problems regarding the eFP.

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