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- CRB PriceCharts - Information Boxes

Contract Information Box | Contract Specifications Box | Daily Data Box

Contract Information Box

Contains information pertaining to the specific contract displayed.

  • CONTRACT: Contract displayed
  • LTD: Last Trading Day - Futures
  • FND: First Notice Day - Futures
  • OPT: Last Trading Day - Options
  • Life High: Lifetime High of contract and date
  • Life Low: Lifetime Low of contract and date
  • 9-Day Stochastic: Current 9-Day Stochastic value
    • %K: Current %K value
    • %D: Current %D value
  • 9-Day RSI: Current 9-Day RSI value
    • Up Avg: Current Up Average value
    • Down Avg: Current Down Average value
  • 14-Day ADX (Directional Movement Index): Current 14-Day ADX value
    • DI-: Current DI- value
    • DI+: Current DI+ value

Contract Specifications Box

Contains the Contract Specifications for the market displayed.

  • Contract Size: Size of contract
  • Min Tick: Minimum price movement
  • Value: Value of minimum price movement
  • Each Grid: Price movement between horizontal grid lines
  • Value: Value of price movement between horizontal grid lines
  • Daily Limit: Maximum price movement
  • Value: Value of maximum price movement
  • Trading Hours: Timeframe for each trading day

Daily Data Box

Contains the Open, High, Low and Settlement for the last 5 days with the High and Low in bold.

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