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Page F-03: Market Movers Calendar

Page F-78: Trading Systems Overview - Financials

Page A-79: Trading Systems Overview - Agriculturals

Trading Systems Overview

The Trading Systems Overview provides the buy/sell/hold signals indicated by various popular trading systems. The Short, Medium and Long term indicators are grouped together and calculated separately for their groups. The overall indicators includes all 13 studies listed on the page.

To produce the signal for short, medium and long-term signals, we assign a buy 1 point, a sell –1 point, and a hold 0 points. We then add up the total for each group and divide the number of the number of studies in the group, finally converting this to a percentage. If the total is greater than zero then this is a buy, if the total is zero then this is a hold and if the total is less than zero then this is a sell.

The Trading Systems Overview can be found daily on our sister company’s web site at www.barchart.com by typing in the commodity symbol, clicking enter, and then clicking the "Opinion" button on the left menu bar. Please consult the www.barchart.com web site for a daily update and for futures contracts not covered here. For a further explanation, please see http://www2.barchart.com/support/technicals.asp#opinion.

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