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Design Studio

Design Studio lets you create your own indicators or modify the built-in indicators. Using the simple and universal scripting language - Visual Basic Scripting - PowerSignals gives you total control over indicators and studies.

You can create studies that manipulate your price data in almost any way you want. You can take the results of your studies and display them as lines on an existing chart, on a new chart with its own scales, or as tabular displays of the raw data.

The formula editor is so powerful, that all of the built-in studies are modeled in Design Studio. If you prefer a study be calculated differently than the standard formula, you can modify the study as desired and save it for future use.

If you want to build a new study, you can use the existing studies as models for your newly created study.

Custom Spreads

PowerSignals is capable of creating complex spreads using up to 5 markets or contracts. This allows you to track changes between futures contracts, between futures and cash markets, between equities and futures markets, etc. Since all parameters can be customized, the possibilities are endless.

PowerSignals also comes with pre-configured spreads for the most popular futures markets:

Chart Management

The full version allows you to view multiple charts, set varying scales, multiple studies, timeframes, overlays, etc. You can then quickly scroll through your custom symbol watchlist, or all of the symbols.

The full version is organized with Chart Books, so that you create the layout and style of your books. These can then be easily accessed using tabs at the bottom of the screen. Please take a moment to view Chart Book Manager.

PowerSignals is designed around a system of databases that are used to store your charts. Each database contains one or more Chart Books. Each book contains up to 30 chart pages. Each page can contain any number of charts, up to the limitations of the memory on your computer system. While you can create more than one such database, there is no need to. This one database can be used for all your needs.

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