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- CRB Custom Historical Data Click here to Subscribe

To place a custom data order, you may call us at 800-621-5271 (outside the U.S. at 312-554-8456), or you may fax your order and payment information to 312-939-4135.

To place a custom order using our secure online form, click here Put all the data you need at your fingertips with historical data from CRB with your own price database, you'll be able to construct charts for over 600 futures, cash, options, volatility, FOREX, and fixed income securities.

CRB also offers you all the tools you need to effectively manage your price database. From end-of-day price updates, to communication software, to charting packages, such as CRB PowerSignals, we are your resource for all your database needs.

Historical data can be ordered in three convenient ways:

Available Historical Data
Single Historical Data Packages Starting at just $20

Select our easy-to-order data packages and you'll receive all contracts, nearest futures, and cash prices for each market (option volatilities are available for $50 per commodity.) Every package gives you open/high/low/close prices plus total volume/open interest and cash prices. Data packages available on high-density diskettes only (hard copy print-outs are not available).

Custom Data - Any way YOU trade it.

CRB Historical Futures data can be tailored to meet your specific needs and is available in three types of contracts:

  1. Specific Contract - Life of contract prices
  2. Continuous Contract - Single contract month of a particular commodity for a specified period of time
  3. Nearest Futures Contract - Nearby contract prices for the commodity of your choice

Your daily price data will include Open, High, Low, and Settlement prices. When you order nearest futures data you'll also receive Total Volume and Total Open Interest. Weekly and monthly data can be purchased separately at 2 cents per week and 5 cents per month.

Choose custom data for as lows as 1/2 a penny a day

The price of CRB Historical data is based on the total number of trading days of data for all contracts ordered. One day to 50,000 days is a low 1 cent per contract day. 50,001 days or more is a low 1/2 cent per day! (Minimum order is $20). At these prices, CRB offers the most affordable historical futures data available.

Here are some sample orders and the price for each:

  • Package Data: S&P 500 - Cost $70
  • Life of Contract: S&P all contracts from 1994 through 1996; 3,000 days* of data at 1 cent per day - Cost $30
  • Continuation: February Gold contracts for the past eight years; 2,000 days of data* at 1 cent per day - Cost $20
  • Nearest Futures: 20 commodities for the past 10 years; 50,000 days* of data at 1/2 cent per day - Cost $300

*based on 250 trading days per year

Historical Options Data

Historical Options data (close only) is available for $200 (all history for single market) or $50 per calendar year per market.

Sample data files for SP 01/02/2002 - 03/29/2002 spopt.zip

Historical Options Volatility Data

Historical Options Volatility data, Implied (options) and Historic (futures), is available for $50 (all history) or $10 per calendar year per market.

Click for explanation of Implied and Historic Volatilities

Sample data files for SP 01/02/2002 - 03/29/2002 spvol.zip

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