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"The Most Extensive Commodity Database in the Industry"

CRB InfoTech CD uses CD-ROM technology to deliver the most comprehensive collection of commodity market information available anywhere, at any price. CRB InfoTech CD helps you perform analysis, backtesting, modeling, presentations, and a host of other applications by providing everything you need in one easy-to-use source.

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Quickly and easily, CRB InfoTech CD provides you with decades of prices on over 600 cash, futures, 24-hour foreign exchange (FOREX), index markets and option volatilities collected from over 50 major world exchanges. Most futures markets have history dating back to their inception of trading. Futures Data includes: open/high/low/settle prices, and total volume and open interest (contract volume and open interest begins October 2001) (See below for complete listings). Daily historical (futures) and implied volatility (options) for over 80 futures markets is also included. The only source available for many underlying cash markets, InfoTech contains daily price data going all the way back to the 50s, 40s and even earlier. Taken from the archives of CRB, many of the long-established markets have price data back to the turn of the century. As an example, daily cash prices for the Dow Jones Industrial Average are available since 1901. There is no exaggeration in the statement "CRB InfoTech CD contains the most extensive commodity database in the industry."

Included with CRB InfoTech CD is CRB PowerDist, the program that extracts the price data from the CD for use in other applications. CRB PowerGen enables you to select the parameters for extracting data such as setting the futures rollover day and ASCII type.

In addition to historical data, CRB also provides daily price updates. Via the CRB DataCenter, our end-of-day price system, you can receive daily futures and cash market data from over 50 major worldwide exchanges. Data includes: Open/High/Low/Settle prices for all contracts and Total Volume and Open Interest.

Market Data available on CRB InfoTech CD

Over 600 Global Markets

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