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In Futures, where there is a buyer there is a seller. So think about this: in a strong trending market up, "Who is selling?" And on the other side of that question, in a strong trending market down "Who is buying?"

Very few traders learn the simple logic of how and why price moves as it does in any market. And even fewer traders really understand how watching "big money" movement in a market can help catch trends ... the trends that can potentially put a large amount of money in their pocket.

In the pages of "What Lies Beneath ALL Trends?" you will learn about why the new Commitments of Traders Report was developed by the CFTC. More importantly, you will learn about the four new categories: Producers, Swap Dealers, Managed Money, and Other Reportables.

Just think about watching Swap Dealers move around the markets. Do you know how much total notional value of derivatives is held by Swap Dealers? You will after you read this book. It is big, 15 digits big!

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Examples of historic price moves or extreme market conditions are not meant to imply that such moves or conditions are common occurrences or are likely to occur. Trading in futures or options involves substantial risk of loss. You should carefully study commodity trading and consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources before you trade.